Intro to Climbing Course

Introduction to Indoor Climbing (4 sessions)

Tuesday & Wednesday Evenings 7-9pm
Saturday 3:30-5:30
£16 per session

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At the end of this course we hope that you are as enthusiastic about climbing as we are, and we will give you  the skills to continue your climbing career at the Foundry and beyond. After completing the course and registering as a member you will be able to climb independently and sign in two novice guests.

The 4 session course covers the following:

  • Correctly fitting a climbing harness.
  • Tying in using a re threaded figure of eight knot.
  • Belaying (controlling the rope whilst someone else is climbing).
  • Safe bouldering practice.
  • Using Autobelays.

All equipment is provided including hire of climbing shoes.

The Foundry Climbing Club is set up for climbers who are safe climbing on their own but want some help with technique, or people to climb with. This also runs Tuesday and Wednesday 7-9pm.



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