Anaerobic Bouldering

What is it?

How should I program it?

How should this type of training feel?

You should feel powered out. This is when you are not able to produce the required energy fast enough so you can’t hold on any more.


Training Sessions



Session Length: 40 minutes

Facility: Bouldering Wall

You need 3 boulder problems, each 6-8 moves long. These should be around 75% of your max worked grade and should be very physical on steep ground.

Format: Climb your first problem 3 times with 1 minutes rest in between each attempt. This is 1 set. Rest for 3 minutes and then climb then repeat. After this move on to your next problem. Complete 2 sets in total on each climb

If you are falling off in the first hallf of the session (set 1-3) then you may need to make the problems easier. If you complete 100% then you need to make them harder. Failure in the later sets is acceptable.


Long Boulder

Session Length: 45 minutes

Facility: Bouldering Wall, Circuit Board

Set yourself a 12 move boulder problem. You can add moves onto the start or end of an existing problem or make up your own. Try to keep the difficulty consistant.

Format: Climb the problem 4 times (reps) with 2 minutes in between each rep (1 set). Complete 3 sets with 5 minutes rest in between each set.

Change the problem every couple of sessions. It is OK to fail on the later reps but if you are falling early in the set or at the start of the problem then it may be too hard. If you slip off early in the problem then get back on quickly and continue.

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