Family and Friends

Give your family and friends the experience of a lifetime with a day out in the Peak District with one of our instructors.

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Hire one of our instructors to take your Family & Friends out for the experience of a lifetime in the Peak District national park. Activities are suitable for all abilities, with more advanced options being available if you have more experience.

£130 for a half day (3hrs morning, afternoon, or evening)
£250 for a full day (7hrs)
*Prices are for 1 instructor (up to 8 participants).


Our Activities

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Rock Climbing

Climb on real rock in the beautiful Peak District. No prior experience is required. We can climb on any of the gritstone edges in the Peak District.

If you already have some climbing experience and want to improve you can contact our coaches to book an outdoor session with them.

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A thrilling abseil from the top of one of our local edges.



The natural playground. Wriggle and worm your way through the natural caves and crevices of the Peak District. Leave your best clothes behind, your not getting out of this one clean. Weaselling is a great way to have fun, communicate and push comfort levels.


Booking Information

All safety equipment is provided, we do not provide food or clothing.

We do not provide any transport and will meet at the activity site. Let us know if all participants will be arriving seperatly or in one vehicle so we can choose venues with appropriate parking. Multi activity days can either be at the same venue or you can arrange your own transport between venues.

AALA Licence
We hold an AALA Licence meaning we can take under 18s out without their parents being present. More about AALA

Staff Qualifications
All our staff have the appropriate NGB qualification (usually Rock Climbing Instructor Award), a valid First Aid qualification, and a current DBS check. We work to NGB approved ratios of 1:8 as a maximum.

Copies of our insurance, AALA licence, risk assessments, staff qualifications, and anything else you need can be sent out in advance of your booking.

Payment Options
Payment can be made online, over the phone, by card, cheque, or cash. We will require a partial deposit in advance of the booking which will depend upon the total value of the booking. You will be provided with an invoice and reciept if required.