Instructed Climbing

We have the climbing session for you! Have a look through our regular clubs, courses, or book a private session with our friendly and engaging instructors.

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Clubs for Kids & Teens

regular climbing sessions for juniors

Spider Club

Ages 7-13

£12 per person 

£100 for a block of 10 sessions

Tuesdays 16:15-18:15

Saturdays 10:30-12:30, 13:00-15:00

Sundays 10:30-12:30

The Spider Club is a fun and relaxed climbing session for ages 7 to 13. We focus on teaching the basic skills they need to climb in self sufficient groups, supervised at all times by a fully qualified instructor.

Young Climbers Club

Ages 13-17

£12 per person 

£100 for a block of 10 sessions

Thursdays 19:00-21:00

Sundays 13:00-15:00

Our Young climbers club is a fully instructed climbing club for teenagers with an emphasis on fun & social climbing. Many climbers go on to achieve their Green or Red Card allowing them to climb unsupervised in the centre.

Holiday Clubs

Ages 7-17

£12 per person 

£100 for a block of 10 sessions

Every week day during school holidays
10:30-12:30, 13:00-15:00

Looking to get the kids active over the  holidays? During School holidays we are running 2 sessions every weekday. These sessions are a great way for kids to learn to climb, meet new friends and develop their personal skills.

These sessions will appear on the booking system as Spider Club ages 7-13

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Climbing Courses


Introduction to Climbing Course

Ages 18+

£16 per person per session (recommended 4 sessions)

Tuesdays 19:00-21:00

Wednesdays 19:00-21:00

Saturdays 15:30-17:30

Gain the skills to climb at the Foundry and beyond. Learn the basics of putting on a harness, tieing in, and belaying. After completing the course and registering as a member you will be able to climb independently and sign in two novice guests.

Learning to Lead Course

Ages 14+

£90 per person - 4 sessions

Learning to lead courses are for anyone who wants to take their climbing to the next step. You just need to be top roping routes of f6a grade and be a confident top rope belayer before starting to learn to lead. After completing the introduction to climbing course we would recommend a period of consolidation before learning to lead. The four session courses run every 2-3 months, click the "book your course" button to see when the next course is.


Book your own Instructors

Book a party, for a group of friends, or for youth groups & other organisations.

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Birthday Parties - 1.5hr

  • £60 for up to 6 climbers (1 instructor)
  • £120 for up to 12 climbers (2 instructors)
  • £170 for up to 18 climbers (3 instructors)

Birthday parties at The Foundry are great fun. As well as burning off a lot of energy and being active, kids coming to a Foundry birthday party will learn how to work together to climb safely. To get the best quality possible we staff parties at a maximum ratio of 6 climbers to 1 instructor. You can also bring your own food and book out our party room for an hour after your session. Parties are available for ages 7 and upwards.



Family & Friends Climbing 

Climbing is a great sport for everyone. In these sessions we can teach you the skills you need to climb independently or just give you and your group a taste of climbing. We can cater for all ages and abilities so don’t be shy! We can book you in whenever you like, as long as we have space and will vary the sessions depending on who will be attending and what their goals are.

1.5hr session

  • £50 for 1-2 climbers (1 instructor)
  • £60 for 3-8 climbers (1 instructor)
  • £120 for 9-16 climbers (2 instructors)

2hr session

  • £70 for 1-2 climbers (1 instructor)
  • £80 for 3-8 climbers (1 instructor)
  • £160 for 9-16 climbers (2 instructors)

Group Bookings

Scout & Guides, School Groups, Youth Groups, Work Outings & More

Looking for a fun climbing session for a group of kids or adults? We give the climbers an introduction to indoor climbing in a safe and relaxed environment. We also have experience running GCSE PE syllabuses, BTEC qualifications, and sessions for undergraduate courses. We are happy to tailor our climbing sessions to your learning outcome or the specifications of your group.

The following prices are based on our maximum ratio of 1 instructor to 8 climbers. However we often recommend a lower ratio of 1:6 depending o the group. Please look to the instructor price for an accurate quote. We can also offer discounts for multiple bookings.

1.5hr session

  • £60 for up to 8 climbers (1 instructor)
  • £120 for up to 16 climbers (2 instructors)
  • £170 for up to 24 climbers (3 instructors)
  • £220 for up to 32 climbers (4 instructors)
  • £260 for up to 40 climbers (5 instructors)

2hr session

  • £80 for up to 8 climbers (1 instructor)
  • £160 for up to16 climbers (2 instructors)
  • £220 for up to 24 climbers (3 instructors)
  • £280 for up to 32 climbers (4 instructors)
  • £330 for up to 40 climbers (5 instructors)

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Team Foundry Coaching Sessions

2hr sessions

Monthly payment scheme starting at £55 per month

Ages 6-17

Team Foundry is dedicated to taking enthusiastic and motivated youngsters and help them achieve their climbing potential. We focus on teaching good technique and climbing movement, tactical decision making, mental toughness, and introducing structured training. We also aim to create a supportive and friendly environment where climbers are encouraged to reach their personal goals and encourage others. Sportsmanship and teamwork are essential.



Vouchers for Instructed Sessions

You can purchase vouchers for many of our sessions online. Please use the button below, and then either log in to an existing account or create a new one. Your voucher will come with a code for some lucky person to use to redeem their session. Vouchers can be for a specific session or just an amount of money to be used for a session of their choice.

Available Vouchers

Cash Vouchers - £20, £50, £100

Session Vouchers - Purchase any of the above sessions as a gift