Ready to move on to the next level? Climbers of 14 and over can move on to lead climbing in Young Climbers Club by completing one of our learning to lead courses.


Learn to Lead

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Ages 14+

Learning to lead courses are for anyone who wants to take their climbing to the next step. You just need to be top roping routes of f6a grade and be a confident top rope belayer before starting to learn to lead. The four session courses run every 2-3 months, click the "book now" button to see when the next course is.

£90 per person - 4 sessions


Under 18 Memberships

Under 18 memberships are for competent climbers aged between 14 and 17. We have two types of junior membership, one for climbers who can toprope and boulder, and one for climbers who can also lead climb.

You need to pass an assessment for either of these memberships. If you are 14 or 15 parents have to visit the centre, if 16 or 17 parents just need to sign to give consent.