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Lattice Assessments

The Foundry has teamed up with Lattice Training to provide assessments of a climbers current physical performance.

Lattice assessments are used to optimise future training by identifying the key areas of improvement. Using the Lattice database we access a large data set of climbers from around the world to provide a benchmark for your climbing.

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The Assessment involves tests for:

  • Maximal grip strength

  • Aerobic and anaerobic capactiy

  • Aerobic power (or power endurance)

  • Movement economy and climbing pace

  • Climbing specific muscle function

Due to the angle of our Lattice Board we can  assess climbers who can redpoint f7b+ or boulder V5/font 6c. Don't let this put you off, we can visit other facilities to cater for lower grade climbers.


£120 per Assessment

You must complete the pre assessment form at least 7 days before your assessment to give our coaches a chance to check everything over.

Want to chat to someone before booking? Contact our coaches


A Lattice assessment review

       "If you’re looking for a professional, detailed performance assessment, get yourself down to the Foundry. I recently booked in a last minute Lattice assessment with Ash and was incredibly impressed with the experience from start to finish. Ash was highly knowledgeable and relaxed - even when we ended up turning up at 8PM!

The best part for me was how Ash had the answers to all the geeky little questions I asked about the assessment process, what the results might mean and how it applied to my climbing.

Overall a very impressive and slick process - I’m massively psyched to get my training plan!"

Mischa Hawker-Yates


The Coaches