Lattice Assessments

Each Lattice assessment costs £100 and lasts for approximately 2 hours.

The Foundry has teamed up with Lattice Training to provide assessments of a climbers current physical performance. This assessment is used to optimize future training by identifying the key areas of improvement. Using the Lattice database we access a large data set of climbers from around the world to provide a benchmark for your climbing.

The Assessment involves tests for:

  • Maximal grip strength
  • Aerobic and anaerobic capactiy
  • Aerobic power (or power endurance)
  • Movement economy and climbing pace
  • Climbing specific muscle function

Due to the angle of our Lattice Board we can  assess climbers who can redpoint f7b+ or boulder V5/font 6c.

The Lattice Board

The Lattice board was originally conceived to analyse the effectiveness of training programmes for international competition climbers. The physical benefits of a training programme can be hard to measure. So much of climbing performance can be attributed to a factor of technique, tactics or psychology but the lattice board allows us to really test what is going on at a physical level. The Lattice system has now been broadened to boulderers, sport climbers and trad climbers. Using these testing procedures along with the Lattice team’s extensive data bank allows us, as coaches, to identify which physical factors are limiting you as a climber.

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