Lead Climbing

What is Lead Climbing?

Lead Climbing is where the climber clips the rope int quickdraws (clips attached to bolts in the wall) as they climb the route. In the event of a fall they will fall past their last quickdraw until they are stopped by the belayer, Distance between the climber and their last quickdraw, amount of slack rope in the system, the weight of the climber and belayer, and the clipping position of the climber all factor in to the length of the fall.

How the risk is managed for foundry members (unsupervised climbers)

  • Members who have not lead climbed before are encouraged to go on our learning to lead course before starting.
  • We regularly check the quickdraws and anchor points.

How the risk is managed on instructed sessions

  • All our staff have National Governing Body qualifications and are subject to an in house review process.
  • The instructor checks all harnesses, knots and belay setups prior to climbing.
  • All belayers are backed up by the instructor or another climber.
  • Climbers should have an appropriate ability level before learning how to climb.
  • Helmets are worn when the climbers are learning, and afterwards unless their parent or guardian consents.