Strength Bouldering

What is it?

How should I program it?


Training Sessions


Boulder Pyramid

Session Length: 70 minutes

Facility: Bouldering Wall

Find 8 boulder problems from moderately hard to very hard, try thinking about the hardest problem you can do in a session as the top end. Order the problems from easy to hard (for you), they should all be problems that you have done before.

Format: Climb the problems from easy to hard and back with 3 minutes rest in between each problem. It is acceptable to fall on the two hardest problems. If you fall you can have a maximum of three goes.

Adjust the level as you get stronger. It can also be good to work a really hard problem for 15 min in the middle of your pyramid.


Getting Extra Value

Improving Technique

Try to climb some problems that are not your style. If you generally climb on steep walls then incorporate some vertical or slabby climbing into your warm ups. Focus on finding the most efficient way to do each move on your boulders (this often does not mean climbing staticly).

Improving Mental Approach

Use your rest time to plan and visualise the boulders. Try to establish a routine before climbing to encourage focus.



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