The Gritstone Experience

With Neil Bentley

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Age range: Adult
Cost: £70 per person
Location: Stanage, Burbage Valley

Dates: Sat 3rd June, Sun 11th June, Sat 8th July, Sun 23rd July, Sat 29th July

Climb at locations in the Peak that symbolise “The Gritstone Experience”. Allow us to introduce to you the Peak District crags that symbolise gritstone climbing and experience what makes these venues and climbs sought after by climbers from around the globe.

Be guided around and climb on two of the most historic and iconic cliffs of the Peak District. Each day we will visit either Stanage Popular, Stanage High Neb, or the Burbage Valley.

You must be a competent indoor climber, able to put on a harness, tie in and belay. We can provide you with a harness, helmet, belay device and climbing shoes upon request. The instructor will set up topropes allowing you to climb as you do indoors.

All booking is online with the joining details being sent out a week before your session.

We will always try to get outside climbing, if the weather does not permit we will either put on an alternate half day activity at the venue (50% refund), or in extreme instances cancel (full refund).


About Neil – In his own words

32 years of climbing in a few short words, here goes! My first routes and bouldering were on gritstone and it still remains my favorite rock to climb. 

I have climbed in many areas of Britain and abroad and on many rocktypes. The climbing has encompassed single pitch lines to big multi day, multi pitch routes including free climbing (Freerider) Salathe Wall on ElCapitan, California.

Establishing new routes in The Peak District, Australia and USA, including gritstones first E10, Equlibrium on Burbage South Edge, has been a realhighlight to my climbing career.

I have also been lucky enough to be involved in a few climbing and mainstream films along the way such as Hard Grit (download yourself a copy now if you want inspiring!), Blood, sweat and bagels (free climbing El Capitan), Equilibrium, Bourne Identity (stunt double for Matt Damon).

I have been instructing climbing and giving friendly advice (some might call it coaching) for many years.  If you sign up to Foundry’s outdoors days it would be a pleasure to meet you and pass on some of my climbing experience, knowledge and stories.

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