Training Plans

A periodised training plan tailored to your strengths and weaknesses with ongoing support from your coach.

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£30 Per Month

We assess your current strengths and weaknesses and look at how they relate to your goals. Each cycle we choose the aspect of your climbing that is the weakest and focus on that to ensure you make the quickest improvements possible. The plans are periodised so you will be at peak fitness when it matters.

Training plans include.

  • A periodised overall plan including scheduled base, peak and rest phases.

  • Climbing and supplementary sessions developing your strength, aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. These are programmed into your plan to create a peak timed with your “event” or goal.

  • Strength and conditioning sessions specific to areas you need to develop.

  • Stretching and mobility sessions.

  • Ongoing support from your coach.

We recommend starting your plan with a lattice assessment or a 1:1 coaching session depending on your ability.

Contact us to start your plan.