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Winter Bouldering League

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Winter Bouldering League

The Foundry Winter Bouldering League is our fun competition series run from October to February. Each one of the themed comps contains a raffle full of prizes from chalk bags to climbing shoes. We have delicious pizza on sale in the car park for all comps and an in house DJ.


2018 / 19

Round 1

1st October 2018

Boot Demo with La Sportiva, 5:10, Scarpa

Round 2

5th November 2018

Equipment Demo with Decathlon & Simond

Round 3

3rd December 2018

Lights Out / Neon Comp

Round 4

28th January 2019

Boot Demo with Tenaya, Red Chilli, Evolv

Round 5

25th February 2019

Product Demos with Ocun, Mammut, DMM