What is Bouldering?

Boluldering is climbing without ropes and above matting on walls no higher tan 4.5m (indoors). Although the matting is effective it does not completely remove the risk of injury and we depend on the good practice of climbers.

Traversing is climbing sideways at a low level. Areas such as the traverse corridor do not have bouldering matting as the climbers stay close to the ground at all time.

How the risk is managed for foundry members (unsupervised climbers)

  • Our membership tests help us to ensure that climbers understand the risks of bouldering & traversing.
  • Climbers are encouraged to climb within their capabilities and descend by down climbing rather than jumping off.
  • Only climbers should be on the matting.

How the risk is managed on instructed sessions

  • All our staff have National Governing Body qualifications and are subject to an in house review process.
  • The instructor will enforce limits on how high individuals in the group can climb. These limits will be appropriate to their age and ability.
  • The instructor will control the number of climbers climbing at one time. A maximum of 3 climbers is standard for most sessions, with 2 being the maximum for younger groups.
  • Climbers on instructed sessions must climb down.
  • Instructors may spot (support climbers when they fall) if appropriate.