Toprope Climbing

What is Toprope Climbing?

Toprope Climbing (technically called bottom rope climbing although Toprope is standard terminology for indoor centres) is where the rope is connected to a fixed anchor at the top of the wall. A climber is on one end of the rope and the belayer takes the rope in through a belay device as they climb. If the climber falls, the belayer locks the belay device and the belayers body weight offsets the climbers to arrest the fall. The  climber should therefor never take a large fall as the spare rope in the system is controlled by the belayer.

How the risk is managed for foundry members (unsupervised climbers)

  • Our membership tests help us to ensure that climbers have the skills required to toprope unsupervised.
  • We regularly check the ropes and anchor points.

How the risk is managed on instructed sessions

  • All our staff have National Governing Body qualifications and are subject to an in house review process.
  • The instructor checks all harnesses, knots and belay setups prior to climbing.
  • All belayers are backed up by the instructor or another climber.
  • A maximum of 3 climbers at once allowing the instructor to closely observe the all belayers.