Team Foundry

Performance and Competition Climbing for Juniors

From £64 per month

Team Foundry is dedicated to taking enthusiastic and motivated youngsters and helping them achieve their climbing potential. We focus on teaching good technique and climbing movement, tactical decision making, mental toughness, and introducing structured training. We also aim to create a supportive and friendly environment where climbers are encouraged to reach their personal goals and encourage others. Sportsmanship and teamwork are essential.


Session Levels & Climber Development

Level 1

The first level is focused on improving a climbers movement and climbing technique. Sessions focus on explaining and practising climbing techniques to develop and reinforce good habits and make sure climbers are well rounded in their development. Lead climbing is taught from the start with an emphasis on being safe and creating positive experiences whist climbing. Lead climbing in L1 sessions will be an easy to medium level for the climbers to help them consolidate there skills in relatively comfortable situations.

Level 2

The focus is on developing and applying climbing techniques with technical sessions forcing climbers to bring together different skills in the correct situations. Good tactical and psychological strategies will also be developed and practised to help the climbers progress as they start lead climbing at their limit. A physical training structure will also be adopted in some sessions.

Level 3

Level 3 sessions have an emphasis on tactics and approach to climbing competitions (lead and bouldering) and climbing a high personal level. Every session fits within a periodised training structure designed to have the climbers at peak performance for key events in the year.

Strength & Conditioning

Every session includes half an hour strength and conditioning designed to balance & support climbing movements. Sessions also include stretching and mobility exercises.